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Carmela Del Rey Bloodline
Fino Mare
PFHA Registration #: 22,783
Foaling Date: April 24, 1994
Color: Chestnut
Price: Inquire

About Her Sire:

Her sire, Cosmos, was the result of many years of selective breeding by the Ponderosa Ranch. After numberous years of line breeding and in breeding, they bred Sensacion de Rejonero to Resorte IV. The result was an outcross to the Resorte lines.

Today, the Cosmos lines have become very important to the Paso Fino Breed. His foals inherited many of the great qualities that this famous Paso Fino stallion possessed. Cosmos is known as a superior reproductor and his legacy is built upon this!

About Her:
Carmela del Rey (Cosmos x La Sombrilla) is known for her loving personality and as a quality broodmare. Carmela del Rey was purchased by Kimberly King in utero from Melba Figueroa in Puerto Rico, at the time La Sombrilla was one of Melba FigueroaÕs top Fino mares. The embryo was purchased to improve and enhance the omega herd.

As a filly, Carmela del Rey was a top fino filly in 1998 & 1999 for she won various fino classes and championships in Ocala, Miami and West Palm in the professional and amateur owner fino fillies division. During that year, Carmela del Rey was sixth national champion fino filly behind Jazmin de Isla.

To date, all of her foals have made it to the show ring and have been fino in gait.
Carmela's first offspring was Consentida de La Rosa who was purchased by Rancho la Rosa at six months of age because of her outstanding talent.

Carmela del Rey is sound and safe with no bad habits. She can be ridden by anyone right out of pasture and can compete in the youth classes. She is naturally fino with nice powerful hocks. A wonderful family horse who can produce national quality offspring.


  • Mother of National Champion Pleasure Filly.
  • Consentida de La Rosa: This fino filly was foaled in 1999 out of Profeta de Besilu and is currently being used as a broodmare.
  • Regala del Rey: This fino filly was foaled in 2000 out of Profeta de Besilu and is currently competing in the show ring.
  • Caramelo de La Divina: This fino stallion was foaled in 2001 out of Profeta de Besilu and is currently competing in the show ring.
  • Lirico de La Divina: This fino stallion was foaled in 2002 out of Silver Bullet.
  • Antorcha de La Divina: This fino filly was foaled in 2003 out of Silver Bullet and is currently being started.
  • Adelita de JBJ: This filly was foaled in February 2006 out of Bolero.
  • El Entrenador de MGM: Colt out of Mensaje del Ocho foaled in February 2008.
  • "Unnamed Colt": Colt out of Teorema foaled April 14th, 2010.
  • Twilight de MGM, colt out of Toledo del Zipa foaled May 18th, 2011.

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